The Results!

And here he is, in all his glory... As chosen by 117 people in yesterday's poll (thank you!). With Ralph Fiennes' face shape, Tom Cruise's eyes, Sean Penn's nose, George Clooney's chin, Clive Owens' lips and Hugh Grant's hair, I give you The Perfect Man.

He's also dressed in a suit, and he's long and lean. Feast your eyes!

Thanks again to everyone who took part and who helped spread the word about my new novel, Build A Man! You can see all the individual category results from yesterday's poll by scrolling down.

Enjoy the perfection.


Answer the eight questions below to help the nation construct its perfect man.

Question 1

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Question 2

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Question 3

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Question 4

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Question 5

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Question 7

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And the final question...

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Come by tomorrow to see the results 
and to view the nation's perfect man!

A note from Talli Roland, author of Build A Man: 

If this poll came across tongue-in-cheek and slightly silly . . . then good. It was meant to! Although Build A Man is a light, fun read with a happy ending, it also mocks some of the darker elements in today's society: our obsession with tabloids and celebrity (I admit it, I do love a good tabloid); the never-ending quest for perfection; and the over-the-top prices both men and women are prepared to pay to be beautiful. As a former employee of a spa where many a Botox treatment was carried out (not by me, thank goodness!), I witnessed this first-hand. It was a big inspiration for the novel. 

Thank you so much for taking part!

Build A Man is now available for 98p/ 99 cents from; Amazon.comBarnes & Noble; Kobo.

If you have time, please hit a social media button below to help spread the word. Hashtag: #BuildaMan. Thank you!