Answer the eight questions below to help the nation construct its perfect man.

Question 1

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Question 2

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Question 3

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Question 4

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Question 5

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Question 6

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Question 7

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And the final question...

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Come by tomorrow to see the results 
and to view the nation's perfect man!

A note from Talli Roland, author of Build A Man: 

If this poll came across tongue-in-cheek and slightly silly . . . then good. It was meant to! Although Build A Man is a light, fun read with a happy ending, it also mocks some of the darker elements in today's society: our obsession with tabloids and celebrity (I admit it, I do love a good tabloid); the never-ending quest for perfection; and the over-the-top prices both men and women are prepared to pay to be beautiful. As a former employee of a spa where many a Botox treatment was carried out (not by me, thank goodness!), I witnessed this first-hand. It was a big inspiration for the novel. 

Thank you so much for taking part!

Build A Man is now available for 98p/ 99 cents from; Amazon.comBarnes & Noble; Kobo.

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